How will this class specifically help you in your ministry calling?

Conflicts, boundaries, and marriage are areas that I may enounter in my calling. Anytime you are dealing with people there can come a time where aconflict in disagreement may come up. Establishing boundaries is always a good thing for many reasons: not skilled thoroughly in the field of counseling or in other areas that involve people giving advice as a lay person where the person is lead to believe that you’re with a church. The marriage portion of the class has already helped me to take a look at my role as a husband and the leader in the home. Instead of being in the “B-” grade, the class has moved into the upper grade of “B+.” I additionally believe that anything about people-to- people contact ministry will contribute to a better approach in handling a conflict from a scriptural context. The Bible is our instruction manual, a guide to dealing with family conflicts from disagreements over  finances, to raising the children, to just about anything with people in everyday life.


What did you like about this class? What topics covered more effectively?

The conflict, boundaries, and marriage I like the most. Setting up boundaries, I didn’t do as well in this area. The listening portion I got lost, there is alot of additional words that I feel were not needed make it clear as possible when lecturing. I will explain later.


Were there any questions that needed to be reviewed by CLI for better clarity?

No. Everything that i have learned is very good or better in some areas. Since enrollment into CLI, I have enjoyed it beyond words.


Are there specific topics you believe should have been covered?



What could be done to improve this course?


I’m a disabled veteran at 65, and I have a hearing loss. I also have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When presenting information to the hearing impaired, it is best to slow down when talking so that they understand completely every word because one word could mean a ‘B’ grade instead of an ‘A’ grade. Finally, PTSD, it takes our  brains a little longer  to comprehend, where I have to go over several times, and if there is reading material to read, here to, I will read twice or more times. Pastoral Care and marriage did cause me some trouble where I received two ‘C’ grades during my study. I got a lot out of the class, and I enjoyed learning new things that I feel will help me in my walk with Christ and my relations with people. Thank you!




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